Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Fellow Empyreans...

My Fellow Empyreans,

We stand at a great milestone in the war. The Station of VFK has fallen from Goons control. Do not allow the Imperium to wave off the importance of this event. VFK has been under the control of Goons and their allies for over seven years, having been given to them after their defeat elsewhere.

VFK was given to the goons, in fact, everything the goons has ever accomplished has been done not by military might, but by luck, and underhanded deals.

The CFC won the Fountain War by understanding the economics of war better than their enemies.

The Red Swarm Federation won their war against BoB by exploiting weaknesses within the organization, rather than on the battlefield.  

And this is an organization that time and again has demonstrated a willingness to DDoS, DOX, and perform coordinated media smear campaigns against the very developers of our game, in order to get their way.

As the Money Badgers stand on the brink of victory, we must finally accept what victory is. The Imperium has rightly criticized the Money Badgers for having no clear objective. However, the objective is clear, simple and obtainable: The complete destruction of all Goons equipment within null security, and the removal of all Imperium sovereignty from the map.

Have no illusions, this war isn’t about killing the Goons, for that could be simply impossible. This is not a war on goons, or on the CFC, or even the Imperium, this is a war of ideology.

If the goons return, and they very well could, and should, every step of progress they receive will be earned.

For years the Goons, and then the CFC, and finally the Imperium, have outgrown their own capabilities, propped up by circumstance and illusions. Thier space was not conquered, it was gifted. From this day forth, any strength the goons have, will be proven by the metal of EVE.

So here we stand, at war against an ideology, a concept, a notion that one group could hold this much power above the others, that one fortress could be seen as impenetrable. Never again can we allow such events to pass. The Imperium is as much our creation as it is theirs. We bought their rhetoric and was brought to the bring of conquer before finally rising up.

We owe it to ourselves, and for all future Empyreans to strike against this. For we are not men, but gods, and gods bow to no one.