Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Who are The Order of Thelemic Ascension?

The Ascension is coming!

The Order of Thelemic Ascension is here, and recruiting.

EVE is a pretty amazing universe, and many of its mysteries are still not fully understood by many players. What I seek to build is a corporation that is for training of all levels. United under our ticket, we shall pursue mastery of EVE together. Unlike other corps focused on a specific region of space or isk making venture, OoTA is focused on tight membership, mature gameplay, and mastery of EVE.

I plan on keeping the corporation small to mid level (target goal of 40-60 members) where the members know each other, trust each other, and work together to build whatever task we set ourselves to. Membership will get a say in our objectives, although I have goals for our future.

The current plan is to move back to Gallente Faction Warfare for a short while. We will use this as an incubation period as we get ready to go about our own thing. I would like to move to wormholes soon as a means of testing ourselves, and taking part in the now rapidly moving in game story and changing landscape.

What I am looking for:

  • Members who are willing to work with one another as a team for mutual success.
  • Members who are dedicated to understanding and mastering EVE Online.
  • Members who understand that patience and tactics wins the war.
  • Members who are objective oriented who want to have a sense of ownership.
  • Experience in PVP is not necessary, but a willingness to fight for what you have is required.
  • Willingness to engage in ingame and out of game communications to stay up to date with events (Mumble, out of game chats, etc).

Join the Order, Ascend to your greatness, be glorious.

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