Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Order of Thelemic Ascension

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Such a terrible way to start a speech to the ascended like us. When we shed our mortality, we shed such notions of gender or race. All that remains is our mind, our wisdom, soul. For countless centuries the Amarrian God has watched over his people, lead them through grace to prosperity.

The Amarrian God is dead.

The divine is lost, the Amarr nation is a shadow of its former self. Many people question if God has abandoned them. Mark my words, the age of the Amarrian God is over.

As part of my misguided loyalty to my former brethren, I was deployed to the area of Providence to combat the traitorous Sansha Nation. While I was there I learned much that would never be allowed to be discussed in the holy academy at Amarr Prime. I fought, I killed, and was killed. Each death brought a further awakening, as the true nature of New Eden was revealed to me.

We, the capsuleers, are to be the new Gods.

Our immortality is only the first step. Our ships, our tools grow ever stronger. The empires of man fear us more each day, and with good reason. It is time that we throw away racial boundaries, and our misguided loyalty to the human empires, and work to unlock our potential.

When we were reborn, we ascended, or began our ascension. Our tools have unlocked a new power, and a new responsibility. Not to the empires, but to ourselves.

The word Thelema is derived from the ancient word for ‘will’ as in ‘willpower,’ however that mere word does not reveal its true meaning. Thelema represents divine internal will, the guiding force of consciousness that guides us all. Separated from the bonds of humanity, we can embrace our personal Thelema.

The time is now, we shall work to perfect ourselves, we shall shatter the chains of the humans. We shall rise up and unite, and ascend.

Join the Order of Thelemic Ascension, meet your destiny.

-Ashterothi, Prophet-Magus of the Order.

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